Modular Height Safety System


  • Branach
  • Downer


The Modular Height safety system was developed in conjunction with Downer.

A specific work place issue required a creative thinking processes to lock down the actual problem, engage technicians so they would adopt the height safety system and work through a design project with an active partner.

The modular system provides a degree of functionality not seen before. Technicians are now able to carry a small extension ladder with modular sections that clip in so it extends to a 7.6 meter ladder.

A number of additional safety features have been built into the product to provide a cutting edge functional design.

Key Features


The modular height safety system comprises of one base extension ladder with a closed height of 2.4. Now here is where the innovation comes in. 3 modular sections can be added to the base section. The sections snap in with a spigot socket joint, that is easy to use, durable, strong and designed for this project. Thus giving it an optimal height of 7.6 meters.

The modular system is transferable to numerous industries and job types. As it is portable and modular it gives the user:
• Ultimate safety features,
• Freedom to choose which length they require,
• Space in the service vehicle,
• Ease of use.


The added safety features:
• A walk through section that attaches to the top of the system. It provides handrails above the roof line for safe transitioning from the roof to the ladder.
• The base of the ladder is fitted with a TerrainMaster that extends the base of the system to 1.4 metres, and can level to 300mm.
• Most ladder falls are due to overreaching and slipping out. The TerrainMaster negates both these by increasing the base by 3x, using large swivel feet for grip and independently levelling legs to give the user the ability to have the ladder level and safe.
• A levelling bubble is also built into the TerrainMaster so the user can visually identify to correct lean angle and level of the system.
• A fall control system that arrests the fall of the user while keeping the ladder upright. The fall control system will include options of:
1. harness,
2. shock absorber,
3. rope grab,
4. man down devise/ alarm,
5. helmet,
6. top attachment point with shock indicator.

This complete system is a different approach to height safety. It provides a multi-use system with maximum safety features.


The statistics from falls from heights are seriously alarming. The trauma impacts primarily on the height worker and their family but then has a butterfly effect. The fellow employees at the workplace and the company itself will feel the effect with full force.

The modular system is ground-breaking in its endeavour to provide a system that:

• Negates manual handling issues.
• Provides multiple safe working at heights platforms.
• Incorporates unparalleled innovation to correct issues of stability and levelling.
• Provides fall control while working at heights.
• Ensures safe access and egress from structures.


It needs to be noted that the engineering component of this design is world class. The design and the technology used to fabricate the modular sections, joints, and other design features are second to none.

With that in mind, Branach is well placed with the manufacturing capacity, the engineering resources and the drive for excellence, to see in the next generation of height safety systems

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