Modern Round WaterSaver planter by HomeLeisure


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The Modern WaterSaver planter by HomeLeisure is an Australian made injection molded polypropylene planter with an internal self-watering system which helps to reduce the frequency of watering, prevents over watering and helps to keep the plants root system well aerated and healthy. Designed to better complement the modern Australian home its sleek styling compliments tonal interior finishes and contemporary colour schemes. Designed with plants in mind the Modern WaterSaver planter recognizes and meets the need for low maintenance indoor gardening and the need to compliment interior broad leafed plant varieties that improve ambient air quality and improve personal wellbeing.

Key Features


With its subtle inverted bell like silhouette the Modern WaterSaver planter form starts with a smooth inwardly rolled rim that rolls over and down to a flush but contrasting foot that doubles as the water reservoir. The partition line between the foot and body of the planter undulates around meeting at the mouth of the reservoir which acts intuitively as an inlet and overflow of water. A defining feature of the modern WaterSaver planter is the contrast of textures from smooth at both ends to matt in the body showing off the best qualities of polypropylene resin.


The Modern WaterSaver planter is made in Australia from polypropylene a material that is 100% recyclable. Furthermore already in its production the design incorporates a minimum 50% of recycled content which is already half way there to help close the loop on pre used polymer. From a day to day usage perspective the Modern WaterSaver planter by it namesake is a planter that reduces the amount of water required to keep the plant alive, this is done by limiting the amount of water that is wasted through drainage and evaporation.


Design transformation has enabled the pot to achieve Australian made superior quality and competitive pricing. Visually the pot made from 4 moulded parts lock into place in production quickly and cleanly with almost zero excess flushing. At a recommended retail price of $20 clever design intended for production has allowed the piece to be highly affordable, offering a better to best experience but at a good price point. The outcome for the consumer is choice offering a more elegant and versatile product that does not look out of place against todays modern surfaces and contemporary tonal interior colour trends.


Amongst the large selection of imported plastic pots in the market today there has been very little innovation in the development of water saving planters that not only suit current consumer tastes for larger broad leafed plant varieties but are also designed to complement more modern minimalist interiors. The market is rife with products trying ineffectually to emulate terracotta and ceramics materials. The Scope of our project was to develop a pot that is true to its resin nature whilst offering aspirational yet subtle elegance that not only supports and nurtures the plant but also compliments modern surface interior finishes.


The Modern WaterSaver planter by HomeLeisure incorporates an internal water reservoir and raised planting platform that prevents the plant from over saturating. The system is a proven method of providing plants prolonged water supply through capillary action in the soil, sitting just in contact with the water. The inwardly rolled rim leaves no sharp edges on the exterior of the pot and its curvature gives the user the impression of mass despite being thin walled and a fraction of the weight of a similar sized ceramic pot.

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