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The Mobile Hyper Kitchen [MHK] is a compact kitchen unit incorporating a full suite of modern cooking appliances in one mobile box. Combining the freedom and flexibility of a campsite with the sophistication of modern kitchen equipment, MHK poses the question – how flexible can a kitchen be? MHK presents a new reality in cooking because now the kitchen can be where ever the action is. This kitchen has been designed in response to the social, economic and environmental changes of our times, as a tool for flexible, compact living for space planning by users and architects, designers and developers.

Key Features


As designers and architects, our design responses are often limited by the systems and appliances available in the market place. This can restrict the effectiveness of our design solutions. One way forward is for designers to change the very tools that we plan our buildings around. We have sought to develop this mobile kitchen as a new tool to create help better spatial solutions for users, to take up less space, allow for more varied and reconfigurable use and in the long run conserve resources.


In developing this project we have considered the range of users who could find this innovation useful and the scenarios and contexts where this would have application. These include compact urban apartments, some that can even come as rental spaces without kitchens at all, shared-kitchen living arrangements, kitchen leasing for short term stays, pop-up kitchens for retail installations and entertainment events and for emergency housing.


MHK redefines the kitchen as an activity rather than a room; to enhance the quality of the social ritual of eating together. It is re-locatable like a campsite – while providing state of the art domestic cooking equipment. It is simply plugged into mains pressure cold water and domestic power to provide a full range of cooking services. It is all electric, to run on renewable energy. It’s a Swiss army knife for cooking, on skateboard wheels. All the equipment folds away to allow for the smallest footprint and storage under wall mounted joinery.


The MHK uses established rapid drip-free coupling technology developed in the chemical engineering industry to uniquely deliver greater flexibility for people living in compact dwellings. We have incorporated this technology into a design format that allows users to install a kitchen, packed with state of the art cooking appliances, instantly, and to then move it into a storage position or to a new location to better use their living space. This releases the full potential of the floorspace while still ensuring the highest level of amenity. Soft plumbing is used to plug into standard cold water services.


MHK contains an induction cooktop, an oven, a triple-filtered downforce air extractor, a dishwasher, a fully retractable mixer tap, a micro-greens growing rack, up to three sinks and two chopping blocks, a water heater and two garbage bins. It discharges wastewater to any drain or sink up to 30 metres away. The user can relocate their cooking space within their dwelling to respond to changes in season, to entertain friends or to move it out of the way, instantly. Only 10amp power and a cold water source is required. When you move house it comes too.

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