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MOBICASE, the world’s first 2-in-1 laptop case and stand, is designed to assist the rapidly growing number of mobile/teleworkers to work effectively, efficiently and ergonomically in any location.

The inbuilt laptop stand can be deployed/collapsed in seconds, raising laptop screen height by up to 20cm, making it quick & easy to set-up and start work, no matter where you are. This offers a practical, hassle-free solution for mobile workers who typically work hunched over laptops in settings with poor postural ergonomics.

In addition, MOBICASE offers improved access and organisation of essential work tools/accessories, making working on-the-go easier and more effective.

Key Features


The increase in workplace injuries associated with laptop use is well documented, but as workplaces are becoming more flexible and working remotely is becoming more prevalent, it is becoming harder and less practical for workers and businesses alike to ensure that work is performed in an ergonomic and effective manner.

By integrating a laptop stand into a clam-shell style laptop case, MOBICASE offers an industry first, practical solution to this growing issue. Leveraging the structure of the bag and laptop in the laptop stand design, allowed for minimising the tooling investment, a core requirement and vital to the project\’s viability.


The functional improvements and expanded capabilities that MOBICASE offers over traditional laptop cases make it a highly practical solution for the rapidly expanding market of mobile workers, currently under-served by a product category that has seen little innovation over the past several decades.

This made MOBICASE a crowdfunding success, raising over AUD$350K in pre-sales between Kickstarter and Indiegogon and achieving more than 440% of the funding goal. The success of MOBICASE has launched rovingwork globally as a premium brand, now with more than 2000 customers in over 40 countries.

In addition it has establishing them as an innovative leader in the growing niche of functional work bags.


Investment in the design and development of MOBICASE has yielded an innovative, patented product that solves a problem not well addressed by other products on the market. This allowed Rovingwork to launch MOBICASE via crowdfunding, the success of which established a global customer base and retail sales channel, boosted profitability and created new opportunities within the local and international commercial workplace accessories market.

Due to this success, design-led innovation has become a cornerstone of rovingwork¹s product development strategy going forward.


MOBICASE embodies rovingwork’s philosophy of working-out-of-the-bag, eliminating the need to unpack, and repack when moving between work-points.

With now even the laptop remaining inside the bag, MOBICASE advances this concept further, evolving the work-bag from carrying device to workplace accessory.

Work-flows were carefully considered to ensure easy access to all work tools/accessories with the laptop in both lowered/raised positions.

By borrowing the compression moulded, textile laminated EVA construction usually only found in sunglass/accessory cases, we’ve achieved an attractive form that offers superior shock-protection to traditional bag materials, provides adequate airflow for laptops and minimises sewing/assembly steps, reducing both manual labour and the potential for associated quality issues.


To achieve compatibility with a maximum number of laptop makes and sizes, a sliding bracket was integrated within lifting strap tensioner, allowing MOBICASE to be adjusted upon initial setup, expanding compatibility to laptops of between 210mm – 260mm in depth.

The internal pockets, keyboard holder and organiser panel have been carefully positioned, staggering bulky items and ensuring all essential work tools can be carried and organised neatly and accessibly.

In place of traditional, unreliable shoulder pads, MOBICASE features an internally padded shoulder strap, with dual length adjustment. One end has been made longer ensuring the user’s shoulder is always protected whether wearing MOBICASE as a cross-body, or classic shoulder bag.

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