MOBI Lt Bourke Outdoor Dining Barriers


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In direct response to the COVID-19 pandemic, cities around the world are encouraging restaurants, bars and cafes to expand into outdoor zones including footpaths, streets and parks.
The barriers used to define and isolate these zones are typically lightweight screens, which offer no protection from traffic or prohibitively expensive, bespoke items.
MOBI Lt Bourke is one of 3 MOBI barrier systems. It is lightweight, flat-pack, stable and low cost. 600mm starter and add on modules and easy to change side panels offer flexibility to reconfigure the environment and rebrand the dining experience.

Key Features


MOBI Lt Bourke barriers are intelligently designed for ease of transportation, assembly without tools and simple customisation.
As a modular kit of parts, continuous barriers of any length can be achieved.
Bluestone elements reference the Melbourne streetscape conveying a robust, sophisticated vernacular. Easy to change side panels and planting allow for customisation.
The components are ‘off the shelf’ or locally manufactured and support a circular economy by being predominantly reusable or recyclable.


This project makes a positive contribution to the need to reactivate city centres in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. Converting footpaths, roads and parks into outdoor dining areas is a key objective of City of Melbourne and other local councils in Victoria, Australia and Internationally.
MOBI barriers support the principles of a circular economy. The modular nature allows for reuse in other locations, steel frames can be recycled and bluestone components can be repurposed.


This project was initiated by a Melbourne design studio, who partnered with a local manufacturer to jointly develop and commercialise the concept. The aesthetic has a ‘Melbourne’ sensibility but one that is applicable globally. The project has the potential to export Victorian design around the world, showcasing our creative culture and pragmatic approach to problem solving in the face of adversity.


COVID-19 has rapidly created new demands and challenges for society, including an increased need to dine, drink, and socialise outdoors. Whilst many outdoor elements such as furniture and umbrellas are readily available, barriers to define and isolate these areas are not.
MOBI barriers were developed over a very short timeframe to address this need. Using locally available, short lead time components, they offer a modular system of high quality, cost effective units that offer flexibility and adaptability.

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