Moat’s Corner


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Moat’s Corner draws on an inspired vision and a commitment to an established setting. Refined to a point of tranquil precision, an interactive haven with which to experience the life and energy that surrounds it.

To live in the home is to co-exist with the garden. Perched respectfully, the modernist inspired style opens itself up to the garden at every opportunity, equally important and equally celebrated.

There is not a space within the home deemed principal or secondary that does not acknowledge the life that surrounds it. Reflecting nature’s mood, unpredictable but always in a synchronised sway.

Key Features


The attention given to refining every single element and experience allows the home to be viewed as a balanced whole.

The decision to rest the home at an elevated height is key to how it responds to its context, and therefore, how the occupants connect to the environment. The glazed walls completely soak up the greenery that surrounds them, evoking an emotional response in its observer.

The building is sited over an existing footprint and configured to preserve established vegetation. Inspiration rooted in mid-century modernism results in a design where form follows function, supporting its purpose as a private home.


Moat’s Corner is a benchmark for residential design in the way it treats its context and its inhabitants – both working equally to redefine our expectations of daily living.

The considered and gentle placement of the home affords minimal disturbance and overall impact on the landscape it nestles so closely to. To hero its natural setting is to strengthen our connection with it and the way we care for our immediate environment.

But it’s the incorporation of innovative technologies and materials within the home that work in conjunction to deliver a new living standard for now and well into the future.


The west wall and entry elevation is one of protection, intrigue and interaction, an example of the innovation found throughout the project. From outside – insulated black panels spaced to a dual glass cladding guard for weather protection.

But they are more appreciated at a sensory level, where on approach they completely fill with the reflected silhouette of the established west gardens.

From inside – the panels take the form of bookshelves to the bedroom wing and bench top and storage to the kitchen. They are framed with deep-set glass above, below and between ensuring nature’s moments are never missed.

The panels are structurally hung off steel columns which are also called upon to act as downpipes intermittently.


Raw galvanized steel appears as an offset frame to the intermittent reflective panels, while floor and roof structures adhere to the depth tolerances that the steel members prescribe.

A natural stack stone fin is the grounding element below a completely cantilevered bedroom wing, projecting the roots of the design inspiration – a mid-century modernist ethos encompassing honesty to materials, structural innovation and minimal ornamentation.

The elevated band provides a look through to the landscape poolside, allowing vegetation to nestle gently under and around with minimal disturbance.

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