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Mittstrom is an innovative device for the hygenic collection of midstream urine for analysis. It is a low-cost, fully biodegradable cornstarch saddle into which a standard pathology collection jar is placed. Initial urine is diverted from the jar by a thin membrane which dissolves over 3 seconds allowing the midstream urine to flow into the collection vial. Once finished the user simply removes the filled jar and flushes the device down the toilet. This innovative product has been granted patents internationally. Design created the simple solution to the problem, using the unique (Victorian invented) material and tested it for performance.

Key Features


OVERALL BENEFITS: simple, user-friendly, more accurate solution to the common problem of mid-stream urine collection. 17.3% of tests provided by women have to be repeated due to contamination. Mittstrom reduces contamination and retesting costs. The innovative design that makes the collection process handsfree /continuous and hygienic and is simply flushed away once used. Design innovation has transformed the business, with a competitive advantage through unique IP protected worldwide. Simple design is cost effective to manufacture with the potential to sell 220million units globally. Mittstrom has concluded a short manufacturing run and is in the process of commercialising for mass production.


– Device is easily and securely attached via a specially formulated “post-it” biodegradable adhesive applied to two tabs. It can fit toilets of varying sizes and depths easily. The jar can be easily placed in it’s saddle and is held securely to remain dry and clean throughout the collection process. The patient can urinate continuously since the jar is securely held at angle so excess urine flows into the toilet.


– Patient simply urinates normally on to the ergonomically designed catchment area, with the urine hitting a barrier that diverts the initial urine before dissolving after 3 seconds. The remaining mid stream urine then fills the jar that is held on an angle to allow for overflow. Previously it was common practice for the user to have to stop and start urinating in order to collect the sample which is distressing and difficult for many – especially children, elderly, pregnant or disabled patients.


GROUNDBREAKING, FLUSHABLE MATERIAL, DEVELOPED IN VICTORIA . The device is made from a fully biodegradable cornstarch material that can be hygienically flushed away to be disposed of. It is made by PLANTIC technologies limited, based in Victoria and its current primary use is as thermoformed trays for packaging, making it an ideal low cost material for this application. The material has been independently tested for pathology use. The design team has refined the shape of the device to give maximum strength where needed, as well controlling the thickness in the dissolving wall to get an accurate and predictable dissolving time. The unique form of the device has been specifically shaped to aid flushability. It is made from renewable, non-genetically modified feedstocks. As the device is designed to be flushed after use it is processed within the sewerage stream, where carbon is collected and offset.


AN EMPATHETIC DESIGN SOLUTION FOR ALL STAKEHOLDERS. For the industry it brings a new offering to the pathology market as a cost-effective solution to ensuring an accurate result, reducing the burden, costs and risks of retesting. It also highlights a new application and potential for a ground breaking material, developed in Victoria for a global market. For the patient/carer it has dramatically reduced the discomfort and difficulty of giving a mid-stream sample through an empathic design solution that addresses the whole experience, from collection to convenient, hygienic disposal.

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