Mister+Miss Café


  • Maria Danos Architecture
  • Sharyn Cairs (Photographer)


Formerly Jatt Mechanics, Mister + Miss responds to the brief for an exciting suburban café by taking inspiration from shapes and patterns of the former autoshop, and the artistry of vintage cars in racing green.

Bathed in natural light through a sawtooth roof, the original building character is balanced with a measured dose of ‘luxe’ for patrons through careful consideration of sustainable materials and evocative details.

‘Connecting the community’ Mister+Miss activates the streetfront with integrated seating and deep portal insertions. A rear north elevated courtyard (former car parts ‘dumping’ ground) gestures to the rear lush borrowed landscape of canopy trees.

Key Features


The challenge of creating a sense of human scale was addressed by staging a central bar, with intimate seating and a larger dining area defined by portals – offering varied dining options.

Crafted timber acts as textured foil against cooler masonry finishes. Crisp steel insertions delineate spaces and datums, linking exterior to interior. ‘Racing green’ accents are expressed through seating, terrazzo and ‘hub-cap’ tiling.

Fluted profiles referencing vintage cars were executed collaboratively with local concrete, steel and lighting fabricators.

Costs of new services, kitchen and building upcycling informed a cost-efficient approach in robust material selection with strong sustainability focus.


Café operators delighted with response from community with a business that reactivates the street and offers a point of difference.

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