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To compliment our breakthrough Minbie baby’s teat design, we have designed two new premium baby bottles. What’s special about these bottles are the ergonomics. No matter how many intuitive grip transformations are made during a feed, the hand holding the bottle can remain relaxed while easily keeping the bottle steady and close with line of sight to the baby’s face.

Key Features


We started by exploring more than 60 designs. We needed to find sizes and lines that worked for the hands of older babies and adults. We produced prototypes, analysed feedback – sizing the bottle contours to allow a choice of grip every which way. In addition, we wanted the bottle to be intuitive to hold while a baby remains attached to the asymmetrical Minbie teat. To help to reinforce the brand name, we searched for graceful curves to encapsulate it. The bottle needed to be able to be mass-produced.


It is still early days, but the feedback is good. These bottles are adding brand value and unity with our breakthrough bottle teat. We now have a bottle-system that is premium in every sense, offering exceptional support for parents with feeding their infants.
The contours and finish of these bottles provide subtle variation, supporting our ethos that infant bottle feeding, when needed, can be a calm, baby-focused interaction. We hope that parents enjoy using these bottles and hand them on to family and friends for the next generation.


The new Minbie 210ml and 270ml bottles combine ergonomics and sustainability with high quality design, materials and finish. They work elegantly in use with the asymmetrical Minbie bottle-teats, enhancing the Minbie market positioning as a premium-quality brand for infant feeding that supports breastfeeding.


The bottles are intuitively easy to hold with one hand while feeding the baby. It is seemingly effortless to keep the bottle balanced and steady, subconsciously adjusting one’s grip when needed while feeding the baby. These bottles are part of the feeding experience, but they don’t dominate. The elegant lines, vaguely reminiscent of stylised human shape, are also identifiable with the brand. By placing the embossed logo in the waist of the bottle, this gently resolves the design when the bottle is attached to the teat and collar.


We chose to emboss the logo and measurements for clarity, feel and longevity. By not using paint for the measurements and logo, this avoids the problem of paint wearing-off and it’s better for the environment.
The bottles are stable to fill, quick to assemble – disassemble and easy to clean.
The material is PPSU, a medical grade plastic that is stable at high temperatures, making the bottles very durable.
These bottles are mass-produced. They are tested to comply with safety regulations.

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