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Innovation is core to the Minbie teat’s design and communication. Because Minbie’s functionality offers new solutions to problems of infant feeding, we have to educate the market.  The social media conversations are integral to that communication, underpinned by the brand development in the Minbie teat packs and online marketing.  We wanted to create a teat pack that appeals to mothers, differentiates and displays the breakthrough Minbie baby’s teat, presents the Minbie teat and brand as high-quality Australian designed, and provides a platform that states what Minbie’s new functionality is and how it supports mother and baby.

Key Features


Design Excellence
The new Minbie teat pack is like an origami structure holding the two teats displayed inside a pod. The pod, featuring the Minbie teat in side-view, is made of BPA-free polypropylene that can be sterilised and reused for storing the sterilised teats. It is fully recyclable, as is the cardboard pack (folded, without glue). The fonts, shapes and colours are designed to draw the eye around the pack and create a multi-dimensional feel that enhances the brand and conveys the benefits. For display, the pack can be hung, stand on a shelf or be featured as a stand-alone 3-dimensional pack.


Design Transformation
The unique Minbie teat pack design, branding and word syntax are meant to create a new resonance with mums, to stand out as enhancing the unique Minbie teat’s offering of new and better outcomes in supporting mothers and babies.


Design Impact
Bottle-feeding has long been associated with the negative of the bottle taking-over from breastfeeding. We seek with communication design to present Minbie’s breakthrough functionality as supporting breastfeeding mothers and supporting babies to breastfeed well.

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