Mill Storage Unit


  • Kaos Design Pty Ltd


This unit has been designed for a renovated 1890’s Pickers Cottage in Gippsland.

Functional and stripped down, it tips its hat to the image of the Coolgardie Safe and the Colonial Ice Chest.

Key Features


All the timber is recycled Australian Hardwood from Forster Primary School flooring, an old water tank stand, fence palings and drawers from hard rubbish.

Although wearing the scars of history, the unit is made with precise mortise and tenon joinery and finished in a natural hard oil wax.
The folded perforated metal shelves are cut and folded from a single sheet, (recycled where possible) with no waste. It is constructed with knockdown fittings to assist
production, transportation and assembly.


The original brief was to create something new and contemporary for a renovated Pickers Cottage while respecting its heritage and to be environmentally responsible. The open form and adjustable mix of drawers and shelves give the design a number of configurations.


By being sensitive to the design constraints imposed on the original brief, a unique interpretation of a storage and display system was possible.

It highlights the value of employing a professional design approach to any manufacturing endeavour. The system displays the successful blending of both design and creativity.


Storage and display are the backbone of any fit-out, domestic or commercial. The challenge was to find a way of avoiding the use of unsustainable and toxic materials, particularly MDF but still achieve the storage outcome required.

The choice of recycled hardwood with a natural hard oil/wax finish eliminates any new timber harvesting making it virtually carbon neutral and VOC free.

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