Military Men


  • RMIT
  • Hills Hats NZ
  • Devisha Textiles


Jarrad Cuff is a professionally trained tailor who reinterprets the classic suit. His work focuses on using Australian wool and believes it’s important to honour the farmers who keep the fashion industry alive. Jarrad works as a Tailor for Oscar Hunt Tailors in Hardware Lane where he learn’t many of his skills. Jarrad uses corporate suiting fabric that can be texturized and reinvented into new fabrics that take inspiration from the urban in which they inhabit. He focuses heavily on cut, construction and craftsmanship constantly striving to be a better tailor.

Key Features


Military Men looks at contemporary masculinity and it’s interpretation in todays society. The collection uses military garment archetypes as a way of exploring what it means to be a man in Melbourne’s corporate world.
The clothing focuses on the reinvention on the corporate suit and the urban environment in which it inhabits.


Military Men uses heritage tailoring techniques for the modern man, focusing on quality craftsmanship and finish. It’s a collection that looks into the tailoring industry of Melbourne and tries to interpret more out of the everyday suit.
Military Men was made by hand in Melbourne.

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