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Property company MicroLUXE has utilised design in an exciting new business model that champions cutting edge design & combining hospitality with retail. Studio Edwards converted a small Melbourne apartment into a short stay rental property, where guests are invited to buy the furniture, art and accessories during their stay or when they leave.

Key Features


“We wanted to create an animated and engaging space that questions the idea of luxury and challenges what can be achieved within a small space”, said Edwards. For example, a marble-lined podium towards the back of the living space houses a large bath, while a gold mirrored box towards the front of the apartment contains a fold-down bed.


Design As Unique:
Value is maximised through the idea of selling the designed ‘experience’.

Inclusive Design & Locality:
Specific links to local cafes & restaurants providing unique dining offers, discounts and products acts to strengthen links between industries.

Inclusive Design & Showcase:
Promotion of emerging australian designers featured within the space
such as lighting by Ben Tovim design or new products such as towels by Loom.

Design as Brand:
Consideration of design across all facets of the experience including consideration of the microLUXE brand and its communication as design as experience.

Design as Experience:
Consideration of ‘touch points’ and design for visitors experience.


Impact on Business Performance (i.e. market share, financial sustainability, environmental and social outcomes.)

Social Outcome – supporting and enhancing links to local business
urban sustainability – utilising of existing under utilised spaces and two streams of revenue (rental & sale).

Addressing future sustainability through its celebration of everything uniquely “Melbourne” promoting this diverse and engaging city.

Promoting & showcasing small space living as something exciting, fun and inclusive.

Creating diversification of market share through its strategy of combining hospitality/hotel with retail models.

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