• studio edwards


A showroom, store and hotel in one designed by Studio Edwards.

Micro in that it challenges what can be achieved within a small space through clever cutting edge design & Luxe in its attention to detail.
The aim was to create a series of implied spaces and dynamic objects within the overall volume of the apartment -combining materiality and beautiful objects without hiding the existing rawness of the building.

Bringing the space to life and allowing guests to change the ambience as they wish. Bare materials are treated as precious items & preserved for their beauty and memory of the site

Key Features


The space has been completely remodelled to include a marble lined bathing podium, (complete with mini-tub as part of the living space).
A gold mirrored box contains a fold down queen size bed.
The kitchen sits within a raw steel monolith, appearing to hover above the ground.
An oversized industrial glass pivot door connects the interior to a private courtyard garden.
The existing bathroom has been completely re-configured with freestanding sculpted basin, angular mirror and customized folded pipework which also acts as a heated towel rail.

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