MFI – Multi Functional Smart Asthma Inhaler


  • Jake Deakin


As many as one in ten Australians suffer from Asthma, 75% of which fail to use their inhalers correctly, contributing to thousands of avoidable asthma related hospital admissions every year.

My proposal is to create a product for individuals that eliminates the possibility of incorrect usage, incorporates both a preventer and a reliever (a world first for a hand held asthma device) and also communicates vital information to the individual or carer by incorporating the use of smart technologies.

Key Features


The most exciting and compelling aspect of my design is the combination of a preventer (Seritide medication) and a reliever (Ventolin medication).

The incorporation of both medicines used by patients is a world first in a handheld Metered Dose Inhaler (MDI).

Furthermore the device features a series of one way valves and LEDs, these are used to ensure the correct use of the device and guaranteed accurate administration (the biggest problem with current inhalers).

The device also pairs with its accompanying smartphone application to communicate vital information and reminders to carers and patients, a new concept for inhalers.


Once the consumer presses the desired button to receive the intended medication the button proceeds the light up. The chamber then begins to fill with the medication and once full also lights up.

Once the chamber is lit, the individual can begin to inhale the medication through the one way valve insuring the consumer receives a 100% dose of the medication.

This benefits consumers of all demographics on a global scale


The device utilises a Lithium ion battery, Resistor, Intel CPU, Bluetooth antenna, carbon sensors, two solenoids and inductive charging.

These pieces of technology allow the device to operate efficiently and safely whilst eliminating the possibility of human error. All the user has to worry about is pressing the desired button, the device handles the rest!

A must for the future of Healthcare.

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