MEZZ Kitchen and Bar


  • Studio Y.


MEZZ Kitchen and Bar represents the rapidly changing face of retail dining.
The new dining precinct at Chadstone – The Fashion Capital extends Melbourne’s food and fashion culture into the retail space and offers shoppers a dining experience normally expected from one of her best restaurants.

In the heart of this busy retail centre a botanical oasis rises from the bustling crowds to beckon passersby into its restful and leafy interior. MEZZ Kitchen and Bar may indeed appear like a mirage to the tired shopper with its elegant finishes, sumptuous planting, garden motifs and chalky timbers.

Key Features


Studio Y’s design is botanical and calming, high-end yet humble, and reflects MEZZ’s healthy and light cuisine. The gazebo is cladded with jungle-inspired custom printed tiles and the space is further enhanced by the slatted ceiling, reminiscent of a tree canopy, the lighting placed carefully to seem like shards of light peeking through.

Banquette seating forms part of the restaurant perimeter offering patrons the choice of sitting under the two 12×4 metre macramé screens, or relaxing in the back amongst the trees and flamingo printed upholsteries. The space is also accessorized with large outdoor pots and lush botanicals.

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