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Metro Tunnel HQ is a customer experience and education centre located in Swanston St, Melbourne CBD; an iconic retail location close to what will be Town Hall Station. As the largest ever public transport infrastructure project in Victoria’s history, the core objective of the space is to communicate and educate ALL Victorians about the benefits of the Metro Tunnel project and effectively articulate the disruptions that are to be experienced over its 7-year construction lifecycle. The Swanston St facing experience is designed for the general public, and Level 1 is designed to facilitate a newly created Education Program.

Key Features


The customer-experience design thinking that has been delivered through this project demonstrates a carefully strategic approach to human engagement in the physical environment. In what Rail Projects Victoria have referred to as internationally leading in infrastructure project communications, Metro Tunnel HQ is a carefully curated set of individual experiences that work in symphony together through a sublime convergence of static, Virtual & Augmented Reality technology solutions, gamification and human interfaced solutions. Design Excellence within this project is underpinned by BEST\’s philosophy of always \’Advocating for New\’ in curating multidisciplinary, inter-agency collaborative design experiences that deeply resonate with the user.


– Metro Tunnel HQ has ‘lit-up’ Swanston St via its open, transparent and digitally focused light, bright, colourful attractive street presence
– The user-journey strategy ensures that there are varying experiences for users of differing wants/needs
– Each and every user engaging with HQ will take away at least one new piece of information relating to Metro Tunnel’s benefits
– Core objective was to use physical retail space as a key communications channel; and since launch, the design impact has resulted in 5400 visitations (exceeding expectations)
– There are over 900 students pre-booked into the custom created Education Program


Metro Tunnel HQ as a design \’concept\’ transforms the traditional notion of public infrastructure projects communications. It flips traditional \’Information Centres\’ on their head and instead sets a global benchmark for educating and informing the general public about the benefits of large-scale public investments through multi-sensory, immersive experiences in the physical environment. The design process has also transformed the level of importance RPV have placed on this channel as a key touch-point for information throughout the construction lifecycle. The fun and approachable nature of Metro Tunnel HQ ensures ALL demographics can engage; and have their understanding of the project transformed.


– The deployment of Augmented & Virtual Reality within the space
– The use of gamification as a design concept with a custom created ‘Metro Tunnel’ running game
– Information Design Experience that is underpinned by a robust user-journey strategy aimed at providing different users with different depths of information at any one given time
– All information design elements (static and digital) have been curated so that updates can be made in a timely manner; with quarterly updates programmed for the lifecycle of the space (3 Year min)
– Agile digital solutions act as 24-Hour Billboard for the project


– Multi-disciplinary approach to experiential communication and information design
– Dual level, heritage listed tenancy on Swanston Street
– Inter-agency collaboration with the integration of highly skilled digital experts (Virtual & Augmented Reality)
– State of the art retail technology implemented to qualify and quantify the design strategy and objectives over pre determined lifecycle
– Metro Tunnel HQ was launched on June 22 by the Hon. Jacinta Allen (Minister for Public Transport) and Sally Capp, Lord Mayor of Melbourne to a media fanfare
– The design meets accessibility use requirements; meaning that the space is inclusive for ALL Victorians

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