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Mesa 57 is a desk that plugs in. Built with Victorian Ash, it was designed to minimise cable clutter, without compromising on materials and aesthetics. Features include; tabletop flap to access the integrated 8 outlet power board, undermounted compartment with cable ports and powder coated aluminium brackets to house and organise cables and adapters, routed details for clean cable passage from the floor to the tabletop and optional built-in wireless charging and magnetic hooks.

Key Features


Mesa 57’s core design intent was to be a mid-century modern wooden desk with the added functionality of providing clutter free work spaces that would last for years. Focusing on improving user desk experiences by working intuitively with them and their devices. The desk’s push open flap provides ergonomic access to the power board and a hidden space for internal organisation of cables. The asymmetrical 57° bevel on the front edge and contoured cut out gives the desk it’s unique look.

Mesa 57 underwent 5 prototypes before arriving at the final production unit and follows guidelines under AS/NZS 4442.


The product is made to withstand daily use and last decades when maintained correctly. The wood we use is Victorian Ash, sourced 100% from regrowth forests primarily in Victoria and is finished in natural oils, making the primary component of our product biodegradable.

The largest portion of waste from our manufacturing process is saw dust. Since our wood is only kiln dried and not chemically treated, it has various use cases such as compost, spill absorbing material and landscaping. Additionally, we like to give our offcuts 2nd chances by utilizing them to create practical products such as serving boards.


Mesa 57 is an evolution of the humble desk; it executes the purpose of updating furniture to meet our present environment.

Furniture is an integral part of daily human life, providing both an aesthetic and functional purpose. We believe Mesa 57 showcases both of these attributes working with each other at a higher level.

Our product adds a novel sector to the vibrant furniture design industry. Mesa 57 is the 1st in a line of furniture designed to work more with us and our modern surroundings.


The market for desk cable management accessories is quite substantial however the options for high quality, solid wood desks that feature comprehensive cable management, on board power supply and a user-friendly design has not been available to the extent of Mesa 57.

The desk’s unique feature is the way it manages cables and provides ergonomic access to power from within the tabletop. The top access flap, undermounted compartment and routed grooves on the legs and tabletop allow for seamless passage of cables from the floor to devices on the surface, keeping them organised and out of sight.


Mesa 57 is fully designed and made in Melbourne. All the carpentry work is done in our workshop. For all our other needs we work closely with some amazing local fabricators and suppliers.

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