Mena Sofa + Armchair


  • Franco Crea


We have merged new technology with hand-craftsmanship to execute the new Mena range: from invisible, magnetic fasteners, flexibility in use and in environments, and keeping manufacturing jobs local, it all adds up to the perfect balance between elegance, comfort, and support for all environments. The Mena range is perfect for use in homes, bars, and in waiting spaces. In keeping with the FC aesthetic, Mena exhibits a look that is strong, powerful, and assertive but is also practical and comfortable enough for everyday use.

Key Features


The Mena range is designed for a multitude of spaces in mind — from the smallest to the largest. Mena’s footprint and ergonomics are deeply considered so it can be used for residential and commercial spaces: homes, bars, and in waiting spaces.
Upholstery for the Mena chair comes in aniline leather in a chair of colours, and a wool/alpaca blend, also available in different colours. The timber arms can be painted in a variety of colours to suit your environment. All contact points are webbed, layered with multi-density foams to provide comfort.


The energy efficiency of running a smaller workshop minimises manufacturing costs. Timber frames and external features for all chairs are created at the same time in our studio.
Local artisans create the Mena chair and lounge, helping the local economy. Maintaining a local team keeps jobs local and allows me to work closely with them.
Upholstery leather is sourced as an agricultural by-product. Finishing on timber is water-based, is certified low-VOC, and meets the Green Star emission requirements. Our production processes reduce water and energy consumption and improve recyclability of waste products. The Wool used is 80% biodegradable and recyclable.


Our practice has always been design-led. From the beginning, the design process has been integrated within the design of the pieces — along with the business model, the focused growth of our FC community (subscribers, clients, artisans, suppliers, and stockists), and the functionality of our communications. That is to say, the investment in professional design has, and always will be, an ongoing and powerful transformative tool for the Franco Crea brand.


We often create work that brings together design, hi-tech engineering, and hand-crafting, but in the case of the Mena range, we’ve pushed that relationship further than ever before.
The distinctive diamond-quilting used throughout the range is all done by hand, by expert, local artisans — a rarely executable skill in Australia. Traditional craftsmanship meets modern technology.
Due to the visual nature of the Mena range, its engineering integrity can be overlooked. We engineered the Mena pieces so two, slight timber-ends hold up even our largest sofa, under full load, at 2400mm in length — all by using small, powerful, hidden magnetic fasteners.


There are no visible fasteners on our Mena chair. To provide some visual mystery and interest, we’ve fixed the timber arms to the upholstered body with powerful, hidden magnetic fasteners.
The Mena Sofa looks and performs like the most formal of pieces, but is still the perfect, most comfortable chair to slide into after a long day. Designed for residential spaces, commercial spaces, and bars, the Mena chair finds the perfect balance between elegance, comfort, and support for all environments.

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