Memphis Packaging


  • RMIT University


The aim of this project was to pay homage to the iconic Memphis era. The boxes contain a perfume sampler, each embodying the essence and flair of specific designers; Sottsass, Du Pasquier and Sowden. I explored atypical materials such as polymer plastic (for the terrazzo tile base) and also the vivid colours and patterns to a distinctly ‘Memphis’ aesethetic.

Key Features


This design is innovative in a sense that it has extended beyond what is considered conventional packaging. There is an emphasis on quality of craftsmanship in the packaging, which reflects on the fragrance itself. The polymer clay tiles are handmade and the perfume sampler comes in a glass tube. It is about the quality of the materials used and their careful and its considered appearance. The idea that this packaging is cherished, as much as, for example, the Apple iPhone packaging, which is often kept for years beyond its purchase.

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