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The Festival is known to do jazz right, and while the festival has a following from the jazz community, it’s operating in an increasingly cluttered cultural landscape. This challenge is met in different ways by festivals, many adopting radically different branding each year. Liquorice has partnered with the Festival for the past four years, so rather than reinventing, we have built a brand, evolving the work that’s gone before taking it to entirely new places. Previous festivals dealt with various aspects of live jazz — the audience, the player and the language, this year we focused on the sound.

Key Features


The Waveform Generator

Our development team built a tool which allowed us to have complete control over the appearance of the wave graphics. We carefully crafted each wave and then output a file for use in print or for animation on the web. We built a tool to create custom forms to suit the artist and level of complexity of the music.

A festival setting is a unique way to experience music, we wanted the finished design to reflect the unique nature of live music. Hundreds of unique waveforms were created and used right across the marketing materials for the festival.


Animated Wave Form

Once the designers began to realise this shifting and flowing sound landscape, the digital team tapped in to give the concept movement as well as developing an all important tool to generate different waveforms in a spectrum of different styles and complexities.

Of the process, lead designer Andrew says: “The animated waveform presented a golden opportunity. The animated wave completed the circle for the viewer and changed their original perception of the printed pieces.


Collaboration With a Committed Client

The success of the design was really rooted in the trust we had from the Festival.
Liquorice Managing Director, Scott, reflects: “The idea of ‘free reign’ to design anything only comes after the client is able to place a great deal of trust in the agency. We’ve worked with MIJF for a number of years now. Initially, like with any client, we had to work hard to sell our ideas, but now our creative process is more collaborative.”

Jennifer Kerr — General Manager at MIJF: “I have such respect for the amount of time & consideration that goes into each year’s campaign. It’s no coincidence that since Liquorice became our design partners, the festival has been experiencing the most substantial growth in awareness and attendance growth in its history.”

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