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Melbourne International Arts Festival (MIAF) has presented international arts performances to Melbourne for over three decades, with events taking place across the city for three weeks every October. Facing increased competition in the events space, MIAF first approached Bravo in 2014 with a key goal to engage with and grow the Festival’s target audience. Bravo partnered with MIAF to update and improve the annual festival website each year since 2014. For the 2019 festival, Bravo continued to build upon years of significant UX and design-led updates, resulting in a rich set of features, and supporting MIAF to deliver record-breaking results.

Key Features


UX design to provide ease of event discovery for wide-ranging audiences, interests and needs.

A visually stunning presentation of eclectic international performing arts events with easy ticketing pathway integrating with Tessitura customer database and ticketing system (TNEW7).

Fullscreen native embedded video, autoplay on all device types and fully device responsive with smooth video play on hover over event tiles to encourage user interaction.

Live filtering for genres of events as you interact with the content.

An intuitive favouriting tool that integrates with performance data stored in Umbraco to intelligently suggest package discount up-sells to users in a friendly interface.


Our annually updated websites for MIAF have enabled ticket sales online to increase from 60% (2014) to 81% (2018). Website visits have increased by more than 70% in that same time. The 2018 festival broke the previous box office record with $3.5 million in revenue (at the end of Oct 2018). $3 million of which was transacted through the website.

The website seamlessly connects to the online ticketing portal, TNEW, serving as MIAF’s main box office, converting page viewers into ticket holders. Creating a competitive advantage and providing financial sustainability through maintaining a user-friendly, reliable and efficient online platform.


User-centred design is fundamental to the success of MIAF digital and is at the heart of the audience engagement strategy.

2019 website connects people with art through meaningful online experiences from moving image to responsive design.

Collaborating with the exceptional MIAF in-house design team to iteratively evolve the digital experience, using data analytics to drive evidence-based design decisions.

Annual retrospective reviews allow us to identify areas for improvement and prioritise enhancements according to value and impact.

Many features beneficial to the Festival and its patrons have resulted in more people accessing the festival through both free and ticketed events.


Bravo & MIAF have collaborated to produce a festival-sector leading design approach in Australia (recognised globally with the Webby Award for Best Events Website 2019), particularly in event discovery/filtering and favouriting.

The design of the website is cohesive with the range of other touch points in the user experience – brand and message consistency is paramount.

The website cleverly presents messaging such as acknowledgement of country, subscription, suggested events, packages and offers to users based on interaction without disrupting their experience.

Video used through the website to showcase the awe-inspiring program, bringing interactivity, energy and movement wherever possible.


The site features single-sign-on for users to navigate from the marketing website through to the ticketing purchase pathway on Tessitura to create a seamless user experience.

The site is integrated with Tessitura CRM and TNEW7 ticketing purchase path and various marketing systems such as Olark Live Chat and social media.

Dynamic real-time content updates in Umbraco optimise campaign management.

Earlier this year the MIAF website won Best Events Website in the 23rd Annual Webby Awards. Hailed as the “Internet’s highest honour” by The New York Times, The Webby Awards is the leading international awards organisation honouring excellence on the Internet.

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