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Over the last two years, Eddie Zammit has been curating a series of murals to appeal to the Melbourne Central patrons. The concept is to provide a more captivating environment to help with the centre’s place-making. Murals have been created by some of Australia’s most prominent street artists including Stephen Baker, Aurora Campbell, Lauren Carney, Chehehe, Elle, Georgia Hill, Lisa King, Minna Leunig, Lucy Lucy, Meggs, Justine McAllister, Numskull, George Rose, Amanda Valdes, Vexta and more. The artists have been selected to help create an immersive shopping experience for new and existing customers.

Key Features


Each mural has been carefully planned for with the goal of creating a large gallery environment for customers, commuters and passersby to discover and roam. The facelift has helped make Melbourne Central one of the most exciting and successful shopping destinations in the CBD.


Millions of visitors go through the precinct annually and this modern, fresh take on Melbourne culture has added an individual point of difference to other standard shopping centres in the CBD. The artists chosen are both a mix of emerging and established talent and for the majority, pay homage to the connection between Melbourne’s rich street art scene and the city’s lifestyle. The results are both impactful and memorable.


The murals have been developed over the last several years and are a key ingredient for the new direction undertaken by the heads of Melbourne Central. The artworks offer cultural significance and storytelling to their millennial audience.


Working alongside a range of architects, each mural has been delivered with artistic flair and precision – all outside of normal trading hours. The artists have primarily been matched to the Melbourne Central DNA, which is about unexpected results. The innovative pieces each have their own individual story and connect back to the artist and their journey.


• Over 20 artists have been featured in the Melbourne Central transformation
• Street art has been used to help engage and speak the language of the intended younger audience
• Awnings, columns, entrances, roofs, tiles and walls have all been surfaces for the selected artists and their art

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