Melbourne Art Fair


  • Multiple


Multiple were approached to develop a new brand and the associated marketing collateral for Melbourne Art Fair—a brand with three decades of history that required a steady and creative hand to guide it into a new, more contemporary era. As the flagship event of Melbourne Art Week, the challenge was to engage diverse stakeholder groups including some of the newest and most respected contemporary artists, galleries and the broader general public while understanding the (cultural) sector and the complexities and opportunities a brand with a biennial identity presents, encourage discourse, participation and visitation.

Key Features


The Melbourne Art Fair took place for the first time in a temporary structure within the Southbank Arts
Precinct. For their 2018 marketing campaign, Multiple created a flexible event brand identity by integrating the A R T letterforms with the work of participating artist’s. Each communication piece presented the letterforms in different compositions, playfully and dynamically interacting with the artwork to create engaging, contemporary visuals whilst preserving brand recognition. The event branding encompassed digital and printed collateral and outdoor advertising including flags, street banners and public transport.

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