Melaru “Freedom Lookout Placeholder”


  • Spacerepublica Pty Ltd.


Melaru a “Freedom Lookout” place holder for Indigenous input provides a curved sculptural form with custom made tiles from around Australia to replace the Melbourne visitor centre and Metro Station entrance that provides additional functions of:

1. New Local & Tourist Lookout with Vistas of Federation Square and Swanston St.

2. New tourist attraction that is climbable/slidable at the base for children.

3. Indigenous metro station entrance.

4. Placemaking for Federation Square.

5. Can be accessed by myki to donate to local charity.

6. Light sculpture at night.

7. Provides an adaptable stage and platform for poetry, protest and musicians.

Key Features


The project provides triple bottom line design that includes functional design, aesthetics, quality and sustainability. The project went through the Flinders St Station competition process without an Indigenous judge. The design provides a high-quality user experience compared to standard metro entrances with only single-use functions.

This design provides new functionality, aesthetics, quality and sustainability combinations and has gone through a strong design process which has optimized and improved over time.


The project has the potential to be a high return design impact investment in a strategic design location of state significance. The design uses special new materials and designs which provides character and a positive social impact. If the design is done once well then it doesn’t need to be demolished and rebuilt again.


The project sets a new benchmark for metro station entrances in social and commercial ways. The project is unique and is world-class placemaking at it’s best. The design is user-centred.


The design melts the visitor into a new design veil with triple bottom line functionality which has rarely been done around the world. The project solves legitimate design problems and is groundbreaking with social inclusion.


1. Indigenous place-making placeholder engagement.
2. International and local tourist attraction and new activities/activation.
3. Increased visitor numbers to Federation Square.
4. Metro station Entrance.
5. Public realm activation conversation starter.
6. Usable Design climbable.
7. Active Design.

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