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Meffigy is a participatory sculpture created for the space series (, which from brief to completion, took slightly over two months. The interactive installation includes over 1000 personalised lanyard inserts and weeks of laser-cutting fsc plywood. Withstanding torrential rain, and succumbing to fire, this project was inspired by light beacons, olympic torches and tribal objects to be the embodiment of bringing people together for a celebratory event – causing unlikely people and unexpected conversations to happen. Meffigy shows how the individual can create a powerful collective.

Key Features


Commissioned by the space series, the event was an anti-conference conference where the idea came from burning the lanyards as a symbolic gesture of being born-again – rising from the ashes like a phoenix. With over 1000 participants, each lanyard was custom made for each person. In a time when our jobs define who we are, this installation re-ignites our inner human and states that what we do does not define what we are. Meffigy was a participatory design challenge that only came to fruition by the willingness of the collective and by the people contributing to the final form.


Meffigy became an iconic focal point and gathering place for the festival, the sculpture was a visual marker of place and statue for the event. It allowed the participants to recognise the heart of the place and orientate their bearings from everywhere on the conference site. The entire structure was made of fsc certified plywood with no nails, screws and non-toxic/natural glues so that once it was burnt, the leftover ash particles were used as fertilizer to nurture new growth for nature – a different approach to circular creation.


Meffigy demonstrates a different form of creative and daring project that not only considers the individual but also the collective, it designs the user experience together with the visual object. It tackles material, social and environmental ideas all in one object. It was an unforgettable iconic sculpture that embodied the spirit of the space event.


The design of the beacon was done through highly innovative scripting and parametric software on Rhino 5, Grasshopper and Laser Cutting which would have taken six times longer if using traditional skills to fabricate/design and assemble. Each angle on the sculpture was unique and the overall form was considered with balance, structure and site conditions. It embodied the festival culture and vision through the ability to have each individual be a contributor to become a powerful collective.

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