Backup Fall Monitoring System


  • Aidan Pattinson
  • Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology
  • Charlwood Design


I created the Backup fall monitoring device in an RMIT Industrial Design studio associated with Charlwood design.
It comprises of a wearable RFID sensor based on technology developed by the Rogers Research Group, a wall mounted sensor and a fixed processing unit.
An event is detected when the patch on the user is below a certain height for a extended amount of time. The device also monitors the users heart rate and movement to clarify the fall preventing false alarms.

Key Features


The BackUp system provides a level of care to independent elderly that cant be achieved by any other fall monitoring system, and is only eclipsed by constant external vigilance.


The system is almost completely unobtrusive, the user is only required to wear a small thin patch. Which lasts an extended period of time with small daily maintenance.


The system uses RSSI sensing technology to wirelessly detect the user and the RFID tag in a pre calibrated 3d space. It uses this method to determine when the tag goes bellow a pre set height.


It could be easily adapted to suit larger areas, such as retirement homes. Where it would not be required to externally dial emergency services but simply notify in house carers instead.

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