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The NDIS presents a major shift in how disability and mental health services are funded. People are now given the power to make independent decisions for disability support. Organisations must reorient themselves to attract consumers in an emerging competitive market.

Me Well ( is a new mental health and wellbeing organisation. We created a new brand and website, developed to grow from an inspiring marketing platform to become the core platform for service delivery. The website shares stories of recovery, enables visitors to find the right support for them and guides them through the NDIS planning process.

Key Features


Design and structure

The goal of the Me Well website is to encourage visitors to find the right support and to choose Me Well as their service provider of choice in a developing competitive market.

We created a directed information architecture that drives users to services that match their goals. The ‘Get Support’ section of the website structures NDIS services under straightforward goals-based categories.


User centric design

Alongside the website, we also designed the Me Well brand with a keen eye toward how it would translate to digital. User-centred design methods were the core of our approach at every step of the process. We generated dozens of ‘brand prototypes’ to guide conversations with users in one-on-one interviews.

Through this co-design with users, we created a unique look and feel built out with dynamic illustrative elements and a bright and hopeful colour palette setting the website apart from other mental health and wellbeing service providers.


Unique art direction

The website’s visual design is unique and bold, with attention paid to typography and colour to ensure that the look and feel doesn’t alienate users with varying degrees of sensitivity. The art direction is supported by photography of the real people that Me Well’s service impacts to bring a human face to the company’s digital presence.

The design exceeds WCAG 2.0 AA accessibility guidelines–by both meeting technical standards and considering accessibility from a human standpoint.


Real stories

During our research with users, we found that it was often hard for them to visualise the impact that support for their mental health and wellbeing could have. To help them see that Me Well’s approach is effective, we guided the creation of real stories captured from Me Well’s customers.

We designed beautiful editorial inspired pages to hold the stories, and added modules throughout the website that thread the stories in with all other kinds of information.

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