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Facing imminent category deletion, Healthfarm Fine Foods, a small Victorian family-owned business embarked on a brand repositioning and redesign exercise with Saltree to help save the Mayver’s brand. Within 12 months of relaunching results include 9 new product offerings, a sustainable business model, new distribution channels, revenue streams and increased market share. The small design investment ultimately delivers strategically designed revenue streams of over $2.5 million and new job Victorian job opportunities due to a major $2 million plant expansion. Media, industry and consumers embrace the new visual aesthetic and Mayver’s receives 100 per cent positive customer feedback.

Key Features


Facing category deletion, Healthfarms commissioned an integrated brand communications program that transformed and improved its business model, product offering, market share and revenue streams. With a limited understanding of brand asset management and little investment, Mayver’s through its redesign has achieved new revenue streams of over $2.5 million, a $2 million plant expansion and a 5% increase in existing market share since relaunching in 2012. As a direct result of the redesign Mayver’s is launching a new range of products next month forecasting a 10% share of new markets via its national partnership with Coles.


Mayvers’ comprehensive, integrated brand positioning and communications strategy underpins the successful visual communication program implemented across all products, marketing and communication channels. Initial exploration and planning uncovered essential insight into the brand’s capability for new and current consumer engagement and was the driver for developing its highly successful, bespoke redesign approach. Mayver’s new brand values underpin all ongoing product R&D with sales figures and interest from dominant suppliers showing that redesign and rebranding efforts have successfully articulated Mayver’s commitment to strict R&D protocols which now resonates with the end-consumer as well industry as a whole.


Mayvers’ handcrafted, collage-inspired illustrations and bespoke typography is consistently applied throughout the entire identity and has wide reaching appeal to a diverse mix of consumers representing various demographics. Mayver’s design is instantly recognisable and effectively communicates its primary message that naturally wholesome, family fun lies at the heart of the brand. The redesign ensured the revitalization of the logomark and packaging was firmly based on significant cues of the original label to appeal to new and existing markets. Recyclable packaging, ethical printing and digital marketing channels all bring the brand’s values to life in the marketplace.


In the competitive FMCG sector where products are delisted daily, Mayver’s sales and distribution flourishes. Nine new products were recently accepted for national sale based directly on the brand’s visual presence and increasing appeal among diverse consumer groups. Retailers use the branding as colourful “display art” in-store. Celebrity chefs independently promote and position themselves as brand Ambassadors whilst social sharing of the brand’s bespoke e-collateral results in a surge of digital penetration with online engagement increasing every month. Mayver’s continues to infiltrate new consumer markets as the design instinctively resonates with consumers’ preference for wholesome, healthy Australian brands.


Mayver’s thought-driven redesign puts the brand on-trend and executes seamlessly across targeted communication channels directly to key audiences. The design strategy captures and articulates Mayver’s core values and product benefits for its market segments. Its highly successful direct-mail campaign captured mainstream media attention with hand-made wooden crates of mini product-jars and hand-made brochures resulting in positive media coverage and a 65% conversion rate. The brand’s identity is specifically modified for each communication platform yet remains consistent and includes bespoke website, new products, social media, hand-made marketing collateral, digital marketing, media and recently a Mayver’s truck.

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