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Vita Pro, featuring Safety Shield, is the most compact rearward-facing Car Seat in Australia. Developed and manufactured from the ground up in Victoria, Vita Pro safeguards newborns to 4-year olds, through intelligent design. Minimal installation steps safeguard against human error. The compact design supports parents’ choice to rearward-face their baby for longer; proven to be safer. Active Head Support offers the solution to children’s sleeping head-flop. Safety Shield design optimises side impact protection, integrating G-CELL™ and Air Protect™; G-CELL™ absorbs force vectors, dissipating them away from vital organs and Air Protect™ provides greater head coverage and soft shock absorption.

Key Features


Maxi-Cosi consumer research revealed parents’ needs for compact child seats, required for the growth of integrated families with 3+ kids, plus the desire for compactness to support the safer position of rearward facing for longer. Vita Pro’s enveloping form was carefully considered, designed to cocoon and protect in rearward-facing for newborns to 30 months, then expand to protect and support toddlers to 4-year olds. At major milestones, focus groups validated Vita Pro’s design directions, and the result is Australia’s most considered and most compact rearward facing restraint with compactly integrated bespoke head and torso protection.


Vita Pro is a socially impactful child restraint, the first in Australia to offer parents’ uncompromised compact safety and comfort. Over 70% of child restraints are installed incorrectly which could result in preventable fatalities. Vita Pro minimises the opportunity for human error, designed with minimal installation steps and strong visual language, resulting in a higher likelihood of improved fitment and therefore, reduced child injuries or fatalities. Successfully launching into retailers in July, with strong sell through to parents. The detailed execution is consumer insight lead using focus group data, resulting in a consumer centred commercial outcome, improving brand reputation and loyalty.


Australian Standards are bespoke and one of the most rigorous in the world, requiring tailored restraint solutions. Maxi-Cosi Australia, a small division, has an entrepreneurial mindset, utilising professional design consultants to aid speed to market and product quality goals. Since 2010, Maxi-Cosi’s design process has evolved to include additional consumer validation milestones and investment in early prototype iterations. Consumer validation studies have strengthened our targeted product executions and rapid prototyping has prevented critical mistakes late in the process, otherwise causing lengthy delays and thus, maintaining speed to market. Such process evolutions are empowering Maxi-Cosi Australia to take greater innovative leaps.


Maxi-Cosi believes innovation is the inspired solution to a consumer need for change. Vita Pro emanates our ideology, utilising original and advanced proprietary technologies, reimagined and developed from the ground up to promote safety, comfort and functionality to unparalleled performance, in a new compact cocooning form. Previous Good Design winner, G-CELL™ torso protection technology and Air Protect™ are reimagined with new compact compression formulas. World first Active Head Support technology is incorporated to help provide additional, vital neck support when sleeping. The combined execution is grounded from detailed consumer insights and is a truly inspired compact, comfort and safety solution.


Safety Shield dual protection. Air Protect™ patented head side impact technology compressible foam materials in a polymer pocket with specified valves, controlling release of air under impact. G-CELL™ patented torso side impact technology, engineering strength of hexagons with advanced materials in the form of crushable apertures, the internal hexagon walls distribute impact forces away from the child’s body.
Headrest and Harness automatic adjustment.
ISOFIX for easier install, featuring compact storage. Built-in rebound-bar minimal installation steps.
Single-handed comfort recline. Modular Inserts for infant and child comfort. Cool Baby wicking fabric, 3D Mesh for breathable comfort.
Parent popular Magnetic Harness holders.

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