Matchstick Table Lamp


  • Inkster Maken


Inkster Maken utilises natural materials to create long lasting products with a timeless aesthetic. We have developed a way to machine and finish natural limestone, a beautiful yet under utilised natural material.

In a world of mass produced, high embodied energy products, the Matchstick lamp is crafted using natural, unprocessed and reclaimed materials. It is intended to be a long lasting, tactile product that creates an ambient light source for both domestic and hospitality purposes.

Key Features


1. Promotes the use of under utilised and plentiful natural materials, such as limestone, which require no processing. The process developed could be adapted to use this natural material for other purposes.

2. Designed and constructed to last a long time, with no in-built obsolescence.

3. Designed and manufactured locally by an emerging Australian designer using local materials.

4. Use of reclaimed timber to maximise re-use of existing materials and waste.

5. The nature of the limestone produces a warm ambient light source not commonly found in modern mass produced light fitting constructed from highly processed materials.

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