Matador Barbecue Tools


  • UNO Australia
  • Mayo Hardware


Matador tools have been designed to offer a premium product range within the mass market hardware market. They are made of high quality, durable materials to exact standards. Incorporating innovative design and versatile features to inspire cooking outdoors everyday. This new range of barbeque tools was designed with emphasis on quality, style and performance and have been selling successfully in the competitive big box hardware market since September 2012.

Key Features


The Matador range has been designed using stainless steel to help with product wear and tear and to provide a resilient, strong and hygienic range of products. The ergonomic design of the Matador handles utilises soft, lightweight, sturdy and comfortable materials and are designed for maximum grip and comfort, whilst still providing a functional, safe and reliable product.
• multi-function spatula
• push button locking tongs
• versatile grill rake/scraper
• replaceable bristle grill brush

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