• Rowen Wagner Design


The Mantis clothing rack is designed and produced in Australia.
Easily assembled with interlocking sections, the minimalist unit is fabricated from mild steel with a matte powder coat finish.

Designed to easily steer with a free axis wheel mount, the wheels self-lock when rested on the opposite leg. Slender and mobile in design, the clothing rack showcases its wares without demanding attention in an interior.

Key Features



The design is produced from both new and reclaimed materials. It is fabricated entirely from steel; this single material allows recycling of the core material. No toxic chromates are used during production and the matte finish powder coat is free from harmful lead pigments. Efficient use of common sections and bends across the range allows minimum tooling, ensuring feasibility for local production.

The robust nature of the design gives Mantis its most sustainable characteristic – it is designed to last. Quality materials and design will ensure it outlives the many seasons and eras of fashion it will hold.



The design has provided excellent exposure for the designer. In September 2013 it will be featured in InsideOut magazine, amongst other design blogs and social media.

The units are manufactured locally and sold direct to clients by order, in their choice of colours and finish. Mantis has been a financially successful venture and assisted in raising the profile of the independent Australian designer.

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