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The Manning was a new boutique, apartment development in the leafy suburb of Doncaster, conceived as a union between the natural and urban environments.

The client keen for us to develop a brand that would highlight this feature, but also feel premium and established to appeal to an affluent, local Asian-Australian target market.

The building itself had been designed by the highly regarded RotheLowman Architects, and was quite unique both externally and internally. From a location perspective, it was close to every amenity you might need, but still somewhat secluded from the hustle and bustle of daily life.

Key Features


Materiality was an important part of The Manning. Everything had been specifically chosen in order to portray the residences as unique.

We seized upon this and endeavoured to do all we could to imbue the brand with references to these materials.

The plants used in our imagery referenced the types of timber within the building. We also used this timber to create frames for the images in our display suite. Textures and tones from tiles and stone were used as backgrounds within our printed collateral and we even recreated one of the textures on the cover of our brochure.


Since launch, enquiry for Manning has been strong, despite the market for owner occupier apartments in Doncaster being slow over the last 18 months.

Our research into the local market shows that purchasers tend to take longer than average to make a purchase.

Currently the development is approximately 50% sold and when you take the market conditions and buyer profile into account, it is on par with where we thought we would be. In fact, the really pleasing statistic is that while sales are modest, our conversion rate once we get a purchaser to the display suite is above average.


The branding and design we created for The Manning was instrumental in transforming a vacant block of land into a premium, future address. When selling off the plan apartments, brand and design are really the only way that prospective purchasers can get a feel for the product. Our work was able to paint a picture of a unique collection of well designed, prestigious homes, giving people confidence to buy into the dream.


Perhaps the biggest example of innovation on this project was in our practices and procedures. We were given less than half the time we would usually ask for as standard to complete the job, meaning we needed to adapt our approach in order to make it work.

We were able to utilise multiple designers at the same time whilst maintaining a consistent look and feel across all collateral, which was a real testament to our teamwork.

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