Mandarin 2


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The Mandarin 2 is a solar-charged light designed for off grid communities and remote locations. It is a powerful tool for the economic development of the world’s poorest people through:
1. Reducing ongoing cost of living by lowering energy costs
2. Increasing home safety and reducing environment impact
3. Through free provision of light, individuals can increase productive hours (study, home industry)
The tenants of the design are:
• It’s simple – reduces cost and points of failure
• It’s attractive – low income households are still discretionary spenders
• It works – provides good illumination for reading, can be positioned to suit most locations

Key Features


Priced to be affordable to individuals earning only a few dollars a day, offsetting money that would have been spent on kerosene while simultaneously increasing home safety. The target demographics earn approx. 2-5 dollars a day, with up to 1/3 of earned money being spent on kerosene for lighting. The device pays itself off in weeks, greatly improving the customer\’s economic freedom. It also liberates the customer from the time-consuming activity of acquiring more kerosene.


Easily adjustable handle that can position and support the device in numerous useful configurations. A simple tap-like knob lets the arm be loosened, repositioned and then tightened into place in an extremely durable and intuitive way. In order to allow balanced hanging a notch is provided mid-point along the arm, and right-angle \’elbows\’ lets the device be positioned on the edges of structures.


By reducing the developing world\’s dependence on kerosene, the device can have a massive impact on reducing global carbon emissions. The integrated 0.6W solar panel, capable of delivering a full charge within 8 hours of normal daylight, can provide far better lighting for longer than standard kerosene lamps, and does so freely and reliably.


NiMH batteries provide a 2 year lifespan under regular use, and can be easily replaced if needed. Our distributors provide replacement batteries to extend the life of the device. The disposal of non-rechargeable batteries are an increasingly serious environmental hazard in developing societies. A secondary application for the device is to provide easy and effective AA battery charging (using our rechargeable batteries) to be used in other products.


Lighting provided by 3 high-efficiency and high-brightness LEDs, high setting allows for comfortable reading for approximately 2 hours, the low setting provides 20 hours of usable illumination, and a medium setting fits between the two. 40% more efficient than conventional LED technology, the high-intensity LEDs bring some of the world\’s most advanced lighting technology to a very low-cost device.

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