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Mambourin, a not-for-profit organisation in Melbourne, provides disability services to adults, opening up opportunities to work, connect and reach life goals.
After a Brand Refresh, we redesigned and developed the Mambourin website. Following recent changes to the NDIS, the objective was to make a clear pathway for people to connect with Mambourin for help. The website demonstrates their updated brand positioning and provides excellent usability, increasing engagement. This puts into practice a strong knowledge of user-centred design and digital strategy, allowing users with disabilities greater control over their digital experience, enabling them to clearly navigate their own pathway towards independence.

Key Features


To be able to design for disability, we first needed to understand what problems NDIS users were facing when it came to making decisions around the best disability service providers to choose. We needed the website to cater for people that experienced disabilities such as tremors, impaired vision, lowered concentration and colour blindness. To address these issues, we implemented the following features for the new Mambourin website:
* Extra click space around buttons and increased link sizes
* The ability to minimise and maximise text sizes across multiple platforms 
* Multiple forms of easily accessible, collapsable navigation
* Contrast-checked content and text colours


“Brands to life® helped simplify and bring life to our messaging system through accessible communication design that speaks directly to the consumer. They have made us stand out with a bold new look that represented who we are today, and clearly demonstrated what we can offer – when before we were trying to say everything at once with no consistency. Our new site has a AA accessibility rating, which is higher than what we had before. It is easier to navigate and experientially is all about the consumer and what they are looking for, instead of all about us and what we want to say. We are already seeing increased engagement, newsletter sign ups and dwell times and decreased bounce rates.”
L. Burgess (Mambourin)


Research showed that the more words used per line of text, the more difficult it was for users to ingest the information they were reading and lead to tired eyes and decreased concentration. To better aid this dilemma, we made sure copy and content boxes were shortened in width to allow for better readability. Additionally, we designed the website pages with clear coloured dividers to separate information blocks so that content is distinguishable and more easily absorbed by the user.


After covering all of the primary issues faced by Mambourin’s clients, we wanted to go one step extra in making the user experience as easyily guided as possible. Consistent with the new brand identity, we created animated SVGs that flow intuitively with the user’s scroll, guiding them through the layout and content. Upon scrolling up, these animated SVGs reverse back in the same direction as the user’s scroll. The animations make the digital experience more simple for users that have difficulty concentrating or taking in information, whilst creating a fun, enjoyable space for users to gather information.

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