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Mama’s Buoi is a new chain of boutique Vietnamese restaurants, which in essence are a memoir of the founder’s childhood in Australia. More succinctly the restaurants are a dedication to his mother, by featuring her unique Vietnamese home-cooked culinary influences, infused with a modern twist. Following the buzz surrounding the restaurants – already featured in various media outlets and food publications – Mama’s Buoi required a website that could most effectively display their extensive menu and coherently list their flagship Sydney restaurants, all the while bringing their family-based ethos and the spirit of the Vietnamese culture to the digital platform.

Key Features


Our task was to simplify the information into a creative and presentable way. The wow-factor would stem from the visual elements, akin to the décor of the restaurants themselves, however adhering to digital best-practice by keeping responsive web design and unique user experience at the forefront of the project. The overarching theme was to proficiently fuse functionality with design, allowing the user to be engaged in the Mama’s Buoi atmosphere as much as possible – creating the scene for tasting the food itself.

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