Maha Restaurant’s Complete Rebrand


  • Confetti Studio


Over the 8 years the restaurant has stood, Maha has concreted it’s place in Melbourne’s food scene as it’s champion of unrestricted middle eastern cuisine. Confetti were approached to create a new visual identity that captures and defines it’s position as not only Melbourne’s champion but also a leader in progressive and innovative cooking.

Confetti worked with Shane Delia and his team to create an all new logo and brand collateral from menus, uniforms, gift cards, glassware and website right through to staff socks and the consultation of it’s comprehensive renovation.

Key Features


The new logo has deep roots in arabic script, inspired by the way letterforms were used, most notably in the quran, to depict objects, animals and scenes. We viewed this progressive and innovative use of letterforms as the perfect metaphor for the way Shane approaches the dishes served at Maha.

Shane would speak so highly of his wife with whom the restaurant is named after so we chose to depict her as the powerful lioness/lion in the logo.

Strokes from the logo were then taken to create an infinitely repeating pattern which would be used across collateral.

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