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The pod logo design incorporates real-life aspects of the new business Superpod. The business is a start up business providing kit homes made of prefabricated panels. It is a sustainable building method which uses a repeatable ‘pod’ concept to join together to make a house. The logo uses 3 pods (note font) for the repeatable pod concept. The logo has a flat slanted roof and flat base to represent the real podhouse roof (which has an overhang to assist with sun protection in summer), and the concrete slab which is an integral part of the sustainable design (thermal mass).

Key Features


The design is based on the common word ‘pod’ which tends to mean a smallish contained space or object. The design challenge was to use the word pod in a highly visual way so that the concept of a house was relayed through the image. This has been achieved through a minimal design which has a real impact and communicates the podhouse concept. As a start up business use of a simple meaningful design was crucial to distinguish this product in the market. The pod logo will be used in all correspondence and advertising.


The impact of the design is to be fully assessed over time. It is anticipated that the logo will be crucial to create the image of a funky, cutting edge, modernist house design, which the Superpod podhouse will be. The idea is to take this concept out of the ‘kit house’ market and turn it in people\’s minds into a usable, beautiful space. This is different. This is a podhouse.


The design is original, and will enhance the user’s experience for the above reasons. Housing and kit housing in particular does not extensively use well conceived logos. There are many features of a Superpod house which will be different for the Australian market. The design completely and efficiently summarises the whole business concept and immediately engages with part of the market who want a state of the art, affordable, sustainable house.

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