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The Tactica M100 multi-tool is a world first design combining the latest in material technology to deliver a ultra portable, adaptable and highly functional pocket multi-tool. Featuring 18+ tools, it includes metric and imperial wrenches and rulers, box cutter, bottle opener and screwdriver with light and heavy duty sockets. An internal storage chamber carries 2 x ¼” hex bits at all times providing the individual the choice to choose their carry, whether it’s snowboarding, mountain biking or simply about town. Strong, lightweight, versatile, the multitool redefined.

Key Features


The Tactica M100 multitool was created from a need in the market to enable greater independence. Often the desire is there but access to the right tools is not. We went about designing a tool that was compact enough to fit into a pocket, lightweight enough to carry everyday and versatile enough to adapt to our changing needs and fit into our modern lifestyle.

Since its launch we have seen the tool being used by a broad range of users, ages and sexes demonstrating its acceptance as product with wide appeal.


Since its launch the M100 has continued with commercial success further cementing a need in the market for a tool that empowered and fit within our demanding and changing lives. Designed for both manufacture and logistics efficiencies the M100 is manufactured in Australia yet remains competitive on a global scale with exports to over 100 countries.


Design was integral to all aspects of the development from the way research was conducted to user experience, ergonomics, manufacturing, logistics and through to the business itself.

From the very beginning our approach was to think differently. This began with our record breaking crowdfunding campaign which then connected with our users to refine the product through a test pilot program. This outside the box thinking has transformed the way Tacticagear operate and has firmly focused the company on one that is design led.


The M100 multitool is unlike any other tool in the world. Its approach through materials and technology has created a hybrid tool that works with how we live, work and play. Everything on the tool has a reason for being and nothing is for decoration. It is this strong connection with design that has enable our tool to not only deliver on function but also on weight, versatility, ergonomics and style.

As a result we have created a completely new product opportunity in a space that has often delivered the same \”me too\” products.


1 – FEATURE PACKED: The M100 comes with 18+ tools, including metric and imperial wrenches and rulers, box cutter, bottle opener and screwdriver with light and heavy duty sockets.

2 – FLIGHT AND TECH FRIENDLY: TSA air travel compliant and tech friendly – the composite body won\’t scratch your latest phone or tablet

3 – UNIQUE INTERNAL STORAGE: Patented internal storage compartment allows to you carry 2 x hex drives.

4 – ALWAYS THERE WHEN YOU NEED IT: Lightweight, strong and versatile – perfect when your on the go

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