Love Always Wins


  • Nicholas Azidis
  • Rose Staff


“Love Always Wins” is an animated lighting installation presented at the Norwich Cathedral as a part of the Love Light Festival. This piece covered the inside of the Cathedral with projections to celebrate feelings of joy and togetherness.

This artwork is site specific designed entirely for presentation in the Norwich Cathedral. It is a heritage site built in 1121

Key Features


Abstract shapes and forms fill the space and create an immersive experience.

The projected animations were developed using specific colours and forms that would project well onto the sandstone surface

The animations presented were designed to be sensitive to the location and environment of a historically significant location.

These projections were created to be non denominational. The artwork was produced to be accessible to people of many different faiths

Reimagining a historical place of worship when many people in modern society have lost their faith in the church


This is an ephemeral lighting installation that leaves no trace on the space behind. Has very little environmental impact on the location.

All equipment used in the production of the show can be further used again on other artworks or shows. No single use wastage.

This installation was made as energy efficient as possible using Epson laser projectors which have eco friendly bulbs

The laser bulbs used are far more sustainable as they do not require frequent lamp replacements. They have 200 times more hours then a conventional lamp and draw less power.


Love Light Norwich was an international Festival with artists from all over the world. Projection Teknik were the Australian artists presented in this program.

It was attended by 15,000 on the night and watched by thousands online through social media videos documenting the event.

Social isolation is an issue faced by many people around the world. Opportunities to bring people in the community together drives social change


This event was held on the culturally significant date in western cultures of Valentines Day. It is a day when people can often be left feeling the reverse of what the day traditionally represents and can feel more isolated and alone than ever before.

It responded to an issue of social isolation and loneliness experienced by people in the community of Norwich by providing opportunities to encourage social inclusion and connection

It stimulates local business by bringing people out in the cold winter weather when they would otherwise stay at home.

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