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Lord Mayor’s Charitable Foundation (LMCF) is one of Melbourne’s longest serving philanthropic organisations, focusing particularly on social issues. In 2012, the foundation distributed $9.2 million to charitable agencies throughout Victoria positively impacting the health and welfare of our community.

To convey LMCF’s value to the world of philanthropy, having strong assets is of paramount importance. The website is one of such assets.

The new LMCF website designed and developed by Butterfly has a number of interactive features that did not previously exist, including: an image gallery, blog, latest news section, a microsite and a home page rotating banner.

Key Features


Design transformation – online rebrand translation

LMCF recently underwent a rebrand with the team at design works. The outcome is a new look complete with a broad primary and secondary colour palette. Clear instructions outlined how the brand was to be translated in an online environment to echo the sentiment of the re-brand.

Each petal of the ‘floral-inspired’ logo represents a different component of LMCF, e.g. turquoise = grants. Prior to the transformation, the consistency of the LMCF brand was lost online. Maintaining the integrity of the LMCF brand integrity throughout the site has reinforced the brand in the marketplace.


Design innovation – content is king

Content-heavy sites are difficult to work with and LMCF is no exception with almost 130 pages of content. Typically, the text dominates the site’s prime real estate areas compromising navigation. The challenge is accommodating content, while negotiating design delivery, integrity and information architecture.

To implement contemporary design concepts (which are big on large scale photography and little text), design innovation is exemplified through content areas such as newsfeeds, videos, and modules, appealing to a wide demographic without cluttering the space. This is thanks to careful consideration of page elements coupled with functional user experience concepts.


Design impact – obtaining internal and external stakeholder buy-in

A key initiative of LMCF is distributing funds to philanthropic efforts through local grants. To give this area its own personality, Butterfly developed a microsite within the main site.

Complete with a custom landing page to simplify the navigation process, users can easily apply for grants, right from the landing page. Administrators are notified when a user applies. This area was launched at an LMCF community event, to a range of internal and external stakeholders, to encourage buy-in from the LMCF user community.


Design excellence – use of imagery and colour-coded navigation

Our design team nailed the brief when they used section landing pages to create “windows” through to specific areas within the A level menu. This helps to promote key areas quickly and easily while simultaneously reinforcing a particular section’s colour way.

A static banner within each section subtly indicates to the user where they are in the site to avoid disorientation. The banners appeal to a wide demographic and use a combination of animated images and photography to boost user interest.

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