• RMIT


The project is a material exploration deriving forms from the application of the long stitch. This challenges the traditions notions of embroidery as a flat decorated surface rather than a functioning purpose. Forms are created through the performance of repetitive hand embroidery in conjunction with innovated methods of applications.

A comprehensive understanding of stitch application initiates creative prospects. Each look is generated from an innovated stitch technique, serving as a function to the expressed form.
The purpose of embroidery can be seen as a:
– Seaming technique
– Point of connection
– Material response creating volume
– Dimensional surface design
– Isolated shrinkage of fabrication

Key Features


The generated outcomes are designed within the context of high-end fashion collection. The outcomes are designed to consider the spectacle of movement, light and space within a runway exposition via material
fluidity, trains of fabrication and material transparency.
The context of my design practice communicates my values of handcraft. With an emphasis of skill preservation, hand crafted methods are re-contextualized to find new design expressions within a high fashion
context. Future collection and brand development will incorporate the hand crafted skills of artisans as a means of a collaborative design process.

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