• Sneha Banerjee
  • Anshul Yervadekar
  • Aakash Verma


LOCUS is a niche product solving a wide problem that most of us are unaware of. It minimizes road accidents and brings individuals back to their loved ones. It ensures safe accessibilities in remote destinations, and does all of this by reducing plastic problem and promoting a clean and green environment.

Key Features


LOCUS is designed for places with remote access and convenience to locate missing or distressed people in places like the Australian Outback or any locating with low Population density and Help protocols.

We have designed Locus to suitably withstand harsh weather and climatic conditions. It is designed to be installed on hiking trails and road.


Creating a solution to a problem that reduces plastic waste in the environment and promotes circular economy.
Metal, batteries and hardware would be recycled and re manufactured to initiate,
re-fabrication process of Locus. The bio-plastic components such as en-casing structure, LEDs and electronic chips would be reduced at a degeneration plant to form compost, which in due course would restart the production on of Locus.

As the Bush tomato\’s are currently grown in lands owed by the Native community of Australia, the mass production and manufacturing opens up an ecological corridor towards the welfare of the community and encourages participation, which would economically benefit the overall Australian economy.


Our aim was to reduce plastic waste in the environment. We started with researching plastic used for tourism and travel purpose and drew inspiration from the millions of road reflectors used on the roads for guiding vehicular and walk way traffic. Eventually, we looked into enhancing the design and adding features to make road reflectors sustainable and having a greater purposes over guide markers.
Alongside, we wanted to enhance safe tourism in remote locations such as the Australian Outback, highways and trekking trails along the mid country route.
Thus, we came up with LOCUS which would act as a multipurpose product which could guide, navigate and make travelling safer and cleaner. While designing and creating the product and related service, we made environmentally conscious decisions and have various ecological corridors, keeping in mind sensitivity towards local communities and contributing towards economic growth at a national level.


The outer shell and electronic chips are made of Bio-plastic derived from Solanum Waltney (Bush Tomato) a native shrub in Australia.

The form of the product has been designed such that it can deter animals and reptiles, it can be easily located and viewed, Its convent to use, includes location tracking and SOS facilities, has navigating features, charging facilities etc.
The outer shell and electronic chips are made of Bio-plastic derived from Solanum Waltney (Bush Tomato).

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