• Locomote


Locomote simplifies business travel for road warriors, travel managers, and everyone in between. Enabling them to have a single portal to manage their end-to-end travel and expense process. Never before has a platform been so simple and intuitive solving the users day to day problems.

Key Features


We designed the platform not just with the user in mind but with the people who will actually use the product day in day out. We took the time to meet with people from different industries with different job positions that all interact with a companies travel program to gain insight to their problems and frustrations. this enabled us to create a solution that not only solved these problems but also turned what was once a cumbersome negative experience into a enjoyable experience.


The main aim for design is for design to be hidden and not to get in the way of the user. We believe we have achieved this through our communities positive feedback of our design and the minimal required of training to onboard a user. As soon as a new user begins using the platform they instantly know what to do. To get to this process took many days and weeks of design problem solving and many iterations to our initial designs, but the end results is one that intuitive and pleasing for the end user.

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