Locking Removable Bolt Plate for Rock Climbing


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A removable bolt plate is used in rock climbing: it attaches to a bolt driven into a hole in the rock, colloquially known as a “carrot-bolt”.

The climber attaches carabiners to the bolt plate then a rope. Should a fall occur, a belayer locks the rope and the climber is caught.

Traditional bolt plates rely on interference of the carabiner to stop them coming off but carabiners have become thinner engineered forms, so the interference no longer secures the bolt plate and movement of the rope causes them to come off.

The removable locking bolt plate resolves this issue, making climbing safer.

Key Features


The Locking Removable Bolt Plate (LRBP) is a design solution to the new problem of bolt-plate security that has arisen from an evolution in carabiners towards lighter forms with I-beam like sections.

The security of these anchor points known as protection is critical to safety in climbing. Several concepts were sketched and analysed with the best proceeding to prototype.

Pull and drop tests of the first prototype where positive and informed the second prototype which achieved 12kN in a pull test. Discussing the prototypes with climbers they all recognised the problem and gave a positive response along with useful feedback.


Climb Design is looking to the LRBP to reinforce our reputation for innovation. After a series of products launched in the last three years and international sales, we are looking to step up our market presence with the LRBP.

Acknowledged design success will feed-back to our current range and create a positive expectation of new products. Our investment in design is key to leveraging a small companies presence in an international market. Especially where innovation is one of the ways to gain traction via social media. Actually we are designing for no impact: when protection holds no climber ground falls!


Climbing and designing are about problem solving. A climber takes in the situation, available equipment and rock form.

Then quickly creates a solution, arranging ropes and protection to make the climb safe. It is a natural evolution to take this problem solving a step further to create new equipment that addresses a situational need, in this case the creeping change in carabiners.

Cross discipline between climbing and designing is the core of Climb Design. Innovation in each climb leads to a refined management of safety. And a long life!

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