Living with Deadly Thoughts


  • Carter Digital
  • Black Dog Institute


Supporting depression and bipolar disorder that affects millions of Australians. Black Dog’s digital self-help program aimed to help those with suicidal thoughts manage their ideation and mindset in order to prevent escalating suicidal behaviour.

Key Features


Living with Deadly Thoughts is the first online self-help tool in Australia to help individuals, aged 18+, overcome the barriers of treatment and take the first step to manage suicidal thinking.


Using considered user journeys and focusing on key groups, we created a product, factoring in every possible detail, from implications of colour, fonts, device to mood, mindset, of the user in order to maximise a positive outcome.


Providing a platform that enables anonymous self-help online, aimed at addressing these barriers and aid those seeking help. An avenue to reach people with suicidal thinking and prevent escalation to suicidal behaviour or suicide itself was our goal.

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