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We were asked to help SalesPreso rebrand to LivePreso. LivePreso is known for its smart presentation software that allows customers to dynamically generate presentations. Through the process of research and strategic thinking, we identified a hidden value that they often provide; the ability to help clients transform their business. We identified the perfect target audience as a customer who wants to make a change from within the business but needs to be able to tell the right story. We created a new credible single-minded brand position; ‘Make Change’, and we used this organising idea to inform our visual language.

Key Features


We followed a sprint based process that involved stakeholders throughout.

While we are happy with the visual outcome, we are most proud of the process that we have gone through with the client to identify what makes them great, through a course of strategic territories.


The new brand has just recently been launched and while we have little evidence of the impact we know anecdotally that our brand work has positively contributed to the way the business thinks about itself. It\’s just the beginning, but it\’s the first step towards focusing the entire team around the primary customer value and a tool to create ultimate alignment.


Through the course of rebranding Sale Preso to Live Preso we have helped them go from a software company to a company that helps transform businesses. They are no longer known just for their great dynamic presentation tool, but they are now building their own reputation as a business for businesses.


We used the creative process to identity the ‘Make change’ positioning and used our skills as designers to visually communicate ‘change’. The brand mark itself has been designed to change; change size, change format and animate to demonstrate changing states. The logo marque supports supplementary copy and can be positioned in a number of different formats to establish familiarity whilst maintaining difference from one execution to another.

We also implemented a pattern motif throughout the visual language to imply the data-based technology.


– A new positioning ‘Make change’
– A new logo marque (that changes dynamically)
– A new visual language
– A new tone of voice

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