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SPEE3D designed and developed a revolutionary metal based 3D printer targeting speeds 100 to 1,000 faster than traditional 3D printing. The technology is fast, flexible and low cost.

The printer, LIGHTSPEE3D, was designed, developed, built and tested in Victoria. The result is a technology which shortens leadtimes, reduces costs and enables rapid product iterations. LIGHTSPEE3D prints at production speeds and is designed for installing directly in production facilities. End markets include automotive, commercial, industrial and mining applications.

The technology will change prototyping, production and revolutionise supply chains. The 3D printing revolution is here – designed, developed and growing from Victoria.

Key Features


Excellence Through Industrial Design
The industrial machine industry places little emphasis on aesthetic design and user interaction. SPEE3D is changing this by making industrial design a key element in the machine. The LIGHTSPEE3D printer incorporates a stylish yet practical design suited for harsh industrial environments.

The user experience was enhanced using an interactive touch screen and a gaming inspired user interface. The interface can be easily mastered without extensive training and provides an engaging, interactive method for producing parts.


Business and Environment Impact in One Package
LIGHTSPEE3D produces lower cost components with a higher degree of flexibility. Combine this with a reduced time to market the technology results in a positive impact to the bottom line.

The additive manufacturing process used also results in environmental benefits through lower waste. Production can be distributed and parts produced closer to the end market. This again helps the bottom line and reduced transport emissions.


Sophisticated Software Provides Business Transformation
World class design was utilised including advanced engineering modelling (computational fluid dynamics) and sophisticated software algorithms. Combined with a simple, interactive interface the machine seamlessly produces complex parts with the touch of a button. The technology will transform the way parts are manufactured from prototyping through to production.


Innovation From Patented, World Class Engineering
LIGHTSPEE3D required cross-disciplinary input from mechatronics engineers, rocket designers, software engineers, robotics engineers, industry designers and more. The printer incorporates many innovations including a high-speed 6 axis robotics, integrated powder feeder, advanced software, enclosed build chamber and a supersonic print head. Numerous patents have been filed highlighting the innovative approach taken to this design.

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