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Lifebroker has helped more than 465,000 Australians choose between life insurance and income protection cover.

Their team engaged us to develop a new website that delivered an exceptional user experience, showcased the company’s refreshed branding, and simplified the comparison process by pointing customers to Lifebroker’s unique comparison tool.

Through UX research we identified three primary user groups within the self-directed insurance market, each with different needs and expectations.

We structured the new website to carefully cater to each of these groups, balancing category education against action to generate high-quality leads and support customer conversion.

Key Features


Initial research pointed to significant opportunity to cater to customers who want to be educated and empowered to make their own life insurance decisions. We based much of our website strategy around this insight. Through focus groups we learned more about what customers expect from a comparator site like Lifebroker: some prefer a content-rich information hub; others want quick, easy actionable tasks. To accommodate both, we split the website into two segments: an educational or training environment, and a conversion-focussed segment with at-a-glance product information and quick paths to core features like on-site assistance, calculators, and the comparison tool.


For Lifebroker’s website to be successful, it had to be structured in a way that not only prompted an intuitive understanding of product offerings, but also incorporated clear calls to action and communicated the business’s credibility and accessibility. With this in mind, we mapped out group-specific user journey and built custom pathways surfacing relevant information and building brand trust at every stage of the user lifecycle. When comparing cover, for example, users can now choose between receiving a ‘Quick Quote’ or a comprehensive overview reviewing the benefits and features of each insurance product.


Across all user groups there was consensus that the topic of insurance – particularly life insurance – can be complicated and sometimes confusing. To address this, Lifebroker refreshed its branding to be more accessible. Conversational website copy and the inclusion of vibrant, playful illustrations furthered this objective, enhancing Lifebroker’s appeal and approachability by building rapport with users. The website also breaks life insurance down into digestible parts by conveying product features in clear table snapshots and using interactive tools to help customers understand their cover amounts/requirements.

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